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Print with Confidence—Choose SunTop Printing factory, The Top Chinese Printing Authority.
SunTop Printing Packaging

SunTop Printing Packaging

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Over a million business professionals trust SunTop with their printing needs. We've printed countless items and have gained the trust of thousands of businesses. So why choose SunTop? Find out why our packaging printing services stand out.


printed as of 02/02/2023

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Together, we maintain low prices while providing top-quality printing and customer service.

SunTop Printing Packaging Company is a leading manufacturer of printing and packaging products based in China. With over 26 years of experience, we've gained a loyal customer base in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Germany, and other European countries. We offer high-quality paper products at affordable prices and employ over 2,000 professionals in our 500,000+ square meter factory.


SunTop Printing Packaging is a professional packaging printing company equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies to produce paper products that meet your specifications. Our products comply with ISO9001.2000 standards and use only high-quality materials, all of which are SGS certified. Our extensive range of product categories includes brochure, poster, and book printing, as well as instruction booklets, catalogs, pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, gift boxes, paper bags, and more.

Experience the Excellence of Chinese Printing—Choose SunTop Printing for Your Next Project.


At SunTop Packaging Printing, we offer a unique benefit that allows customers to combine multiple smaller-quantity orders and receive the same volume discount as a single-item order.

smaller-quantity packaging boxes orders.
SunTop has passed SGS certification
​Our finished products, including glue, ink, and paper, are all SGS certified, and we use only high-quality materials that adhere to ISO 9001.2000 standards at SunTop Printing Packaging.
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