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One of the largest printing factories in China

Custom printing with the highest quality.


Most paper products printed by the SunTop printing factory are of high quality and at affordable prices.

​Sun top printing factory is a custom packaging and printing company offering affordable, high-quality offset printing and superb customer service. We have helped thousands of clients print their projects. 

SunTop Printing Packaging

SunTop Printing Packaging

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1,000,000+ business professionals trust SunTop with their printing.
We keep a running tally of the number of items we’ve printed. So why have these thousands of businesses decided to take advantage of SunTop packaging printing services?


Pieces printed, as of 11/11/2022

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"Together, we maintain low prices while providing top-quality printing and customer service."

SunTop Printing Packaging Company is a leading company and manufacturer of printing and packaging factories in China.

SunTop printing-packaging Company got accepted by many customers in the US, Canada, AU, NZ, UK, German, and other European countries.

We are printing most of the paper products in quality and at very affordable prices. SunTop has more than 26 years of experience in this industry; We have over 2,000 professional workers in our factory And over 500,000 ft² of factory area in China.


SunTop Printing Packaging factory is a professional packaging printing company; with modern facilities utilizing the latest printing technologies, SunTop makes paper products to your specifications.

Our products adhere to ISO9001.2000 standards and use high-quality materials, and our finished product, whether it is glue, ink, and paper, has passed SGS certification.

Our product categories include brochure printing, poster printing, book printing, Instruction Booklet、Poster、Catalog Printing、pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, Packaging Box, Gift Box, Paper Hand Bag, etc.

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Unique to SunTop packaging printing, customers can combine multiple smaller-quantity orders to receive the same volume discount as a single-item order.

smaller-quantity packaging boxes orders.
SunTop has passed SGS certification
​SunTop's printing products adhere to ISO 9001.2000 standards and use high-quality materials, and our finished product, whether glue, ink, or paper, has passed SGS certification.</