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Unleash Brand Power with Custom Corrugated Boxes by SunTop - Your China Printing Partner

SunTop Packaging Printing, a leading China printing factory specializing in Corrugated Boxes, empowers you to elevate your brand image and product protection. We offer high-quality, custom-printed Corrugated Boxes designed to meet your specific needs.


Built for Strength, Crafted for Impact:

Our expertise lies in crafting double wall, 5-layer Corrugated Boxes from sturdy EB-flute paper. This robust construction ensures excellent compressive strength and shock resistance, safeguarding your products throughout transport.


Brand Identity at Every Touchpoint:

Go beyond basic protection. Personalize your Corrugated Boxes with your logo, transforming them into powerful branding tools.


Functionality Meets Sustainability:

We offer single or multi-layer Corrugated Boxes made from recyclable paperboard, providing both exceptional functionality and environmental responsibility. Their lightweight design also translates to cost-effective shipping solutions.


Convenience and Protection Combined:

Our luxury cardboard boxes feature a user-friendly hook bottom design, facilitating storage and transportation. This ensures your products arrive in pristine condition, exceeding customer expectations.


Quality You Can Trust:

As a leading China printing factory, SunTop prioritizes quality. Our experienced team adheres to strict manufacturing standards, guaranteeing every Corrugated Box meets your exact specifications.


A Partner for Success:

SunTop prioritizes long-term customer partnerships. We offer competitive pricing and exceptional service to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Contact SunTop Today - Your Custom Corrugated Box Experts!

Ready to elevate your brand and product protection? SunTop Packaging Printing is your trusted China printing partner. Contact us today to discuss your custom Corrugated Box needs.

Custom Printed Corrugated Boxes from China

  • Unmatched Versatility: Custom Corrugated Boxes Made in China by SunTop

    SunTop Packaging Printing, a leading China printing factory specializing in Corrugated Boxes, empowers you to create the perfect packaging solution with unmatched material and printing options.


    Extensive Material Selection:

    SunTop offers a comprehensive selection of materials for your Corrugated Boxes, catering to every need. From standard Kraft liner board to specialty papers and luxurious cardboards, we have the ideal material to match your product and brand image.



    • Kraft Liner Board: Choose from various weights (125-300g/m²) for optimal protection.
    • Liner and White Cardboard: Ideal for cost-effective solutions (127-160g/m²).
    • Coated and Offset Paper: Available in a range of weights (105-300g/m²) for vibrant printing.
    • Ivory Board: High-grade options (210-400g/m²) for premium presentations.
    • Black Card and Core Paper: Specialized options for specific packaging needs.
    • Corrugated Cardboard: Unmatched customization – Three, Five, and Seven-layer options in D, K, A, B, C, and E flute grades.


    Exceptional Printing Techniques:

    Elevate your Corrugated Boxes with our diverse printing capabilities. We offer:

    • CMYK & PMS Printing: Achieve stunning visuals with a broad color spectrum.
    • Offset & Screen Printing: High-quality printing for precise details and vibrant colors.
    • Pantone Color Matching: Ensure brand consistency with exact color replication.
    • UV Coating: Add a touch of luxury and enhance durability.


    Collaborative Expertise:

    Our experienced team at SunTop, your trusted China printing factory partner, is here to guide you. We collaborate closely to determine the optimal materials and printing techniques to bring your vision to life.


    Contact SunTop Today - Unleash Your Packaging Potential!

    Ready to create custom Corrugated Boxes that elevate your brand and protect your products? SunTop offers unmatched flexibility and exceptional quality at competitive prices. Contact us today and let's discuss your unique packaging requirements!

Affordable. High-quality. Together.

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