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Elevate Your Brand with Premium Window Boxes: Custom Printing Window Box Packaging from China

Looking for captivating custom packaging that showcases your retail products? Our China-based printing factory specializes in crafting high-quality window boxes and boxes with windows, ideal for bamboo utensils, dishes, toys, and more!


Unveiling Beauty and Protection:

We offer a diverse range of custom packaging solutions, including:

  • Corrugated paper boxes: Durable for transportation and storage.
  • Gift carton boxes: Perfect for premium presentation.
  • Hanging hole window boxes: Enhance product visibility on retail shelves.


Customization Made Easy:

  • Your Design, Our Expertise: We personalize your window boxes with your logo, artwork, or desired design, creating a distinctive brand experience.
  • Accurate Quotes: Simply provide photos of similar boxes and your preferred size and quantity. Details like surface treatment, paper weight per layer, and overall box weight are crucial for accurate pricing.


China Printing Excellence:

Leveraging advanced production capabilities and extensive experience in custom printing, we deliver exceptional window boxes that:

  • Meet your exact needs: From corrugated boxes for bamboo products to hanging window gift boxes, we have the perfect solution.
  • Exceed your expectations: Experience unparalleled quality, aesthetics, and customization options.


Experience the Difference:

Upgrade your brand image and product presentation with our premium window boxes. Contact us today to place your order and discover the difference high-quality custom packaging makes.

Custom Window Boxes & Boxes with Windows

  • SunTop China: Custom Window Boxes & Wholesale Boxes with Windows

    Eco-friendly | Customizable | Made in China


    • Paper: White Duplex/Kraft + Corrugated (Recycled)
    • Color: CMYK, Pantone, or Custom
    • Finishing: Film, Varnish, UV, Stamping, Embossing
    • Printing: Any Mode
    • Artwork: PDF preferred
    • Sample Fee: $100-$300 (Free for Stock Samples)
    • Origin: Shenzhen, China
    • Delivery: 7-15 Days


    Elevate your brand with premium custom Window Boxes from SunTop!

Affordable. High-quality. Together.

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